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BR period rolling stock

BR wagons and some ex-LNER and ex-LMS. This will build up as I dig out more pictures...

All the photographs are mine except where stated.

BR mineral

BR 16T mineral wagon No 251114 to Diagram 1/108 lot 2797, seen at Stourton, Leeds, 1975. Note the different axleboxes.

BR RK roof

A BR Kitchen car (Mk.1) in the sidings by Neasden Station displays its roof. It's to Dia.700 and tallies with the sketch on p.218 in Keith Parkin's "BR Mk.1 Coaches", Pendragon, 1991. Possibly in an excursion. Note that 3 out of the 5 coaches visible are Gresleys, the one beyond the RK looking like a D.186 3rd Open, possibly another at the edge of the picture. In between is a Mk.1 TSO. May 1959. Photo: B.W.L. Brooksbank

The next two pictures of BR wagons are a bit of a puzzle for they are shown in Don Rowland's book "British Railways Wagons" (1996), as to Diagram 1/040, "13T High sided (5plank and corrugated ends) with Sheet Support Rail, Lettered Shock".

BR Shock wagon

B722295 was Derby-built to Lot 2416 in 1952 and is rated 12T. It also carries what appears to be "HYBAR" and SHOCK" (Bounds Green, c1975).

BR Shock wagon

Seen on the same day is B723768, built to Lot 2546 in 1955, and also lettered 12T but there is another difference for the sheet rail is absent: it's hard to tell if it had been fitted in the first place, or removed later. There is a mysterious dark area where "HYBAR" or "HIGH-BAR" may have been painted but that's supposition on my part. The general condition is more weary: half the planks have been replaced at various times but the vertical stripes have not been repainted, while those on the corrugated ends have largely flaked off. It's quite a poor sight really. (Bounds Green c1975).

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Where DM 731403 was captured, I cannot say, possibly the Leeds area? There's a clue on the MR/LMS signal box where the word "STATION" can be seen....

The vehicle itself is a former LMS goods brake van that's been relegated to departmental use. The main lettering states RETURN TO NOTTINGHAM PREFAB DEPOT. (1975).

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LNER 21 ton coal hopper wagon. Again the location is unknown, but possibly at Banbury.

This is an example of LNER D.100 built from 1935-48 with detail differences, originally for 20T of coal, subsequently, 21T.

E307745 was one of the last batches, built in 1948 for the LNER by Nelson. Behind it in bauxite livery is B417959, the BR version to D.1/416 with a welded body. Nearest the camera is a BR goods brake van. (1977).

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